Floor and wall decals help your employees and customers practice responsible social distancing.

Give your team and customers piece of mind.

Floor Decals helps your employees and customers practice responsible social distancing. These decals can be placed on floors where you can measure 6 feet of distancing. Wall decals can be hung on walls or doors to main areas of your workspace to remind employees or guests of the policies you are enforcing to maintain a higher level of safety. We offer standard and customized messaging and graphics on our Office Shields decals. Give your team and your customers peace of mind with 6 feet distance markers sign. Social Distancing floor and wall decals help maintain safe crowd control with simple graphics and clear reminder messages.

assortment of social distancing floor decals

Social Distancing Reminder Dots

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Key Features

  • Sizes: Two options: 9x9in and 17x17in diameter 
  • Colors: Yellow, White, Black and Red
assortment of social distancing 6 feet floor decals

6’ Social Distancing Strips

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Key Features

  • Size: 72in height x 30in Width
  • Colors: Yellow, White, Black and Red

Seton Hall Case Study

Due to COVID-19, Seton Hall was challenged with planning the safe return to campus of students and faculty. Their facilities team needed to add incremental social distancing measures, physical hygiene barriers and expanded classrooms to allow for in-person instruction. 12 feet of personal space was required for each student in compliance with state health guidelines. The project team sought a full-service solutions provider with integrated resources to assist in the design, manufacturing and installation of their various protective product needs. This campus plan needed to be installed before the start of the fall semester. From approval of budget to complete installation was 8 weeks.