Today more than ever we need spaces in our togetherness.

Crowd Control for products by Office Shields are perfect solutions across many useful products to mark your workspace areas adhering to today’s recommendations for social distancing. Stanchions with signage are ideal for to marking the areas where people may congregate at entrances or spaces where lines traditionally form such as time clocks or cafeterias. Stanchions can also create a 6 -foot barrier for service counters. Signage on top of stanchion posts can convey important directions and safety messaging such as Wear Mask, Stand 6 Feet Back, and more. Floor and wall decals are another product to convey social distancing reminders.


Crowd Control Stanchions with signage

Stanchions enable you to mark 6 feet apart and keep visitors in a controlled line or apart from a service counter.

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Sidewalk Barriers

Primo Amore Bistro v2

We offer a variety of sidewalk barriers to help you create dedicated sidewalk space for your diners.

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Social Distancing Signage

Choose standard options or customize your message to help better direct and inform your patrons, employees, and others.

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Floor & Wall Decals

persons feet standing by a social distancing ground sign

Floor and wall decals help your employees and customers practice responsible social distancing.

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About Us

Learn more about our company and our mission.

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