With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in many states, workplaces are reopening with employees eager to return to work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently published guidelines for employers on how to bring employees back to office buildings and work safely. Going back to the office needs to be considered with care, as COVID-19 remains a risk. AOffice ShieldsTM, we want to help you return to an office environment of safety and cleanliness. We see this as breaking down into two main areas: maintaining social distancing and stepping up hygiene to maintain a healthy workspace. 


Social Distancing & Space Planning

Social Distancing & Space Planning 

Social Distancing in Work Areas:  

  • Reduce the density of people in work areas by creating 6 feet between workstations 
  • Provide enclosures with screens, curtains, dividers, and partitions   
  • Assure dividers are washable and train cleaning crew and employees how to sanitize 
  • Find the right divider or drape designs for your business application – every space is different  
  • Install dividers in all reception areas and limit number of visitors at any given time  
  • Rearrange seating so that people are not face-to-face 
  • Allow a percentage of your staff to work remotely 


Social Distancing Signage

Social Distancing in Shared Spaces:

  • Redesign conference rooms, common areas, cafeterias, etc. for social distancing and limit number of people occupying any open spaces 
  • Put up clear signage to indicate maximum occupancy of rooms and open spaces – maximum of 10 people with masks in doors is recommended 
  • Prop open as many interior doors to prohibit door handle contact where possible

persons feet standing by a social distancing ground sign

Signage to Control Traffic Patterns 

  • Try to establish a directional flow around the office with clear signageestablish oneway routes where possible 
  • Add social distancing queues, floor decals with 6 feet markings and stanchions with signage for people standing in lines 

Health Checks & Hygiene Protocols  

Employees Temperature Checks  

  • Implement a temperature station at the office entrance and check employees’ temperatures daily – anyone with temperature of 100 degrees or higher is sent home 

assortment of solid color face masks

  • Masks  provide company masks to employees to wear at all times to control spread of germs. Masks should be worn indoors when in the company of larger groups of people. Assure if you purchase fabric masks, your staff understands to launder them daily 

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Pump Dispenser

Sanitation Stations 

  • Create areas with hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and supplies to disinfect phones and screens  
  • Install wall mounted or floor standing hand sanitizer throughout workspace in central locations and at reception desks 
  • Assure you conduct professional cleaning services daily 

Cleaning and Disinfection Standards 

  • Review your general cleaning standards and work with partners to increase frequency of office cleaning by professionals  
  • Signage on all bathrooms and kitchen areas reminding employees and guests to wash hands often for 20 seconds to stop the spread of germs 
  • Do not allow for sharing of phones or computers  
  • Encourage employees to wipe down their personal surfaces before/after each workday with disinfecting solutions 
  • Ask employees to remove their personal garbage when possible immediately and clean all personal items such as coffee mugs and utensils or use disposable and recycle  
  • Pause all selfservice coffee bars and snack bars to prohibit cross contamination  


Returning to work is an important step in the next phase of our business environmentWe must assure our staffs are well protected and we meet all recommended safety standards essential to health and wellness. Healthy teams lead to winning companies. At Office Shields, our product development team is consistently exploring customer workspace needs and providing practical, affordable solutions. We understand the important inter-connectivity between today’s workspace designs, healthy human collaborations and optimal business performance.